Dr. Mary Guinan in Print

Throughout her career, Dr. Guinan has been a regular guest in print media. Below are a collection of articles and stories that have featured Dr. Guinan and her research.

Articles: 1981 to 1987
Herpes A Guerrilla Fighter: January 14, 1981
FDA Approves New Herpes Drug
FDA Okays Herpes Drug: April 1, 1982
Study Abstinence Doesn't Stop Herpes: May 19, 1982
Those Who Abstain From Sex Can Still Contract Herpes, Doctors Say: May 19, 1982
Immunity Breakdown Stumps Medical Researchers: November 6, 1982
Doctors Strive For Answers To Mystery Disease: November 6, 1982
Medical Sleuths Tackle A Killer Of A Whodunit: November 6, 1982
Medical Whodunit A disease no one's supposed to catch: June 11, 1982
Spread Of Immunity Defect Found In Study: June 11, 1982
Cancer Spread Is 'Worrisome': June 11, 1982
A Medical Detective Story-An Unknown Killer: July 7, 1982
Doctors Fight The Clock To Beat Rare Disease: July 11, 1982
Doctors Fight The Clock To Beat Rare Disease: July 11, 1982
Doctors Strive For Answers To Mystery Disease: July 11, 1982
Rare Cancer Frightens Homosexual Community: August 5, 1982
Wide Range Study On Herpes Begins: October 17, 1982
Herpes and AIDS Hurting Revolution: June 16 1983
The Silent Epidemic: February 3, 1985
Doctors Fear Potential Hazards In Artificial Insemination Process: May 22, 1986
New AIDS Gene Discovered; May Provide Target For Drugs: May 22, 1986
Report Frozen Sperm Reduces Risks Of Artificial Insemination: May 22, 1986
Hepatitis Spread By Banked Sperm: February 27, 1987
Hepatitis, AIDS Screening Urged For Sperm Donors: February 27, 1987
Officials Call For Stringent Screening Of Sperm Donors: March 27, 1987
More Women Getting AIDS From Men: April 17, 1987
More Women Than Before Catching AIDS From Men: April 17, 1987
Number of Women With AIDS Grows: April 17, 1987
Percentage of women gettings AIDS from male partners doubles: April 17, 1987
Study: Women Underestimate AIDS Risk: April 17, 1987
Women underestimate the risk of gettings AIDS, study suggests: April 17, 1987
Women's AIDS Cases Changing: April 17, 1987
AIDS A Phoney War's Pall Of Fear: April 25, 1987
CDC Calls Off Search For Two Vials Of Virus: June 12, 1987
His Reckless Promiscuity Sped The AIDS Epidemic: November 1, 1987
And the Band played on People, Politics, and the AIDS Epidemic: November 15, 1987
Behind The Mask Of The 'Prettiest One' At The San Francisco Celebration Hid The Killer Disease AIDS: November 22, 1987
Death In His Loins, Sex On His Mind: December 14, 1987
Articles: 1988 to Present
Educating Young On AIDS Stressed: June 6, 1988
AIDS Increases Among Heterosexual Women: October 10, 1988
AIDS Watch: November 13, 1988
Government Delays Sexual Behavior Study: September 25, 1991
Men Likelier Than Women To Pass On Virus: September 25, 1991
Marketing Of Female Condom Backed: February 2, 1992
Women's Advocates Urge Approval Of Female Condom: February 2, 1992
A Condom Of Her Own-This Is Liberation: February 6, 1992
Introduction of condom for women allows men to escape responsibility: February 6, 1992
Female Condoms A Step Backward In Male Responsibility: February 12, 1992
'Band' Small Parts in Big Battle: September 9, 1993
AIDS Is Rising Fast For Women; Experts Cite Need To Shift Research: February 26, 1995
Artificial Insemination May Not Be Totally Safe: March 15, 1995
Self-insemination Risky, Doctor Says: March 15, 1995
Research Scientist From CDC In Atlanta Named State Health Officer: July 17, 1998
Health Care Advocate Finds New Challenge: October 7, 1998
Lung Cancer Deaths On Rise In Nevada: March 24, 1999
Fallon Cancer Cluster's Origins Still A Mystery As Probe Launches: February 12, 2001
Wells Contain High Levels Of Arsenic: April 9, 2001
Cases Leave More Questions Than Answers: April 12, 2001
The Experts Behind The Cancer Cluster Investigation: October 1, 2001
Woman Gets Lyme Disease In Washoe County: December 1, 2007
Doctors Hunt Cause Of Disease Especially Menacing To Gays: December 28, 2007
Guinan Named Acting Nevada State Health Officer: April 4, 2008
Nevada Stocked With Flu Drugs: April 28, 2009
Swine/2 Year Old Recovering: April 30, 2009
Flu Student Sick; School Stays Open: May 9, 2009
On World AIDS Day, 3 UNLV-related Efforts To Confront The Disease: December 1, 2015
35 Years Later, The Fight Against AIDS Continues In Southern Nevada: December 2, 2015
AMWA American Medical Women's Association Book Review: January 29, 2016
We Must Protect Pregnant Women From Sexually Transmitted Zika Virus: March 18, 2016
Chasing epidemics: May 26, 2016
What health risk does the Zika virus pose to those planning on going to Rio?: May 27, 2016