Dr. Mary Guinan

Medical Detective, Dean, Advocate, & Author

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As an author, researcher, medical detective, teacher, and advocate of public health, Mary's work has taken her to every corner of the globe and put her in the company of an outstanding cast of characters. From the back country of Uttar Pradash, India to war-torn Afghanistan, Mary's career delivers an epidemiological mashup of the best of Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, and the good Doctor Watson. As an Emerita Dean of the School of Community Health Sciences at UNLV, Mary continues to promote public health and the countless opportunities for advancement in and of the field.

Founding Dean | School of Community Health Sciences

Dr. Guinan led the School of Community Health Sciences at UNLV to advance the science of public health, improve the health and quality of life, and work to eliminate health disparities. 2004-2013

Professor of Epidemiology

As a professor, Dr. Guinan instructed students in the distribution, frequency, pattern, and determinants of diseases and health events in specified populations. 2004-2008

Executive Director | Nevada Public Health Foundation

The Nevada Public Health Foundation is committed to addressing the gap between growing public health issues and shrinking resources. 2002 - 2004

Nevada State Health Officer

During her tenure, Dr. Guinan oversaw investigations of the Fallon cancer cluster, the Southern Nevada hepatitis C outbreak in 2008, and the state's reaction to the H1N1 influenza A virus pandemic. 1998-2002

Chief Urban Research Centers | CDC

Working for the CDC in Detroit, Seattle and New York City, Dr. Guinan directed efforts to strengthen public health services , respond to threats to health, develop programs to promote women's health, and invest in our nation's youth. 1995-1998

Assistant Director for Evaluation | CDC

As the Assistant Director for Evaluation of the CDC Office of HIV/AIDS, Dr. Guinan increased the impact and effectiveness of the office’s programs through analytic and advisory assistance. 1990-1995

Associate Director for Science | CDC

During her time as the Associate Director of Science at the CDC, Dr. Guinan fostered innovative scientific collaborations to enhance the relevance and impact CDC science. 1986-1990

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Task Force | CDC

As the first virologist on AIDS Task Force, Dr. Guinan assisted in discovering the major risk factors, producing a case definition, and developing a national surveillance plan. 1981-1983

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Division | CDC

Dr. Guinan worked with the Venereal Disease Control Division (renamed STD Division) of the CDC as an expert on the genital and oral herpes. 1978-1986

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Adventures of a Female Medical Detective: In Pursuit of Smallpox and AIDS
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Annual Lives Saved From Smallpox Vaccinations
Decline of new HIV diagnoses (10 years)


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